Risa and Jon: Wedding :: Sunset Hills Vineyard

Long time couple, Risa and Jon, finally (according to their family and friends) decided to get hitched.   This seems to be a trend lately with my weddings…wonder why?  I personally think it’s a good idea to know your partners goods and bads before getting married, and if that takes 10 years, then it takes 10 years!

Sorry girls, but the guys were the life of the party.  I was cracking up the moment I walked into their hotel room last Saturday.  I could tell they don’t get together very often, and they sure were making every moment count.

The girls were calming their nerves with Champagne and singing along with the iphone one floor up from the men.  I remember Risa telling me, somewhat reluctantly, that she will always remember that Taylor Swift was playing as she was getting into her wedding dress.

After both parties were dressed, we headed over to Sunset Hills Vineyard where both the ceremony and the reception were taking place.  Risa and Jon decided to see each other before the ceremony, so we had more time to take pictures, drink wine and relax before the actual wedding day started.  I set them up a little out of the way from the main vineyard at an old stone house, let them hold hands, snapped a few photos and had them see each other for the first time that day.  You could see the love in Jon’s eyes.

While we were killing some time, I saw Jon taking pictures of Risa on his phone.  He said to me that when he is having a bad day at work, he will look at these pictures and remember how happy he was on his wedding day!

The reception music ROCKED!  Defiantly the most fun I had listening to music at a wedding.  The Billy Triplett Trio, described on their FB page as “Down home organic original and cover folk rock bluegrass jams”, played some great dancing tunes for everyone to sing along too.  Even Jon’s father had a hard time staying away from the mic.  Like them on Facebook, they’re super cool.  I plan on trying to catch a show with the hubby in the future…maybe Risa and Jon will babysit my kids 🙂

Enjoy a look into the wedding of Risa and Jon…

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