About Nicole

As a wife and mother myself, I know how the parts of life we value the most seem to fly by in an instant. My mission is to capture the love you share, the daily expressions of joy, and the beauty of the ordinary in a soulful and timeless way.

My Story

My photography sessions are all about taking the time to slow down, understand my clients and capture the subtleties of their affection for one another. Whether we shoot in the great outdoors or from the comfort of your home, I’ll be there to create pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I get it! I’ve been a fiancĂ©e, a bride, a wife, and a mom. I know all the stress that can go into a photoshoot. I’ll work with you to infuse your style into your photos. Pictures should capture those perfect moments you don’t want to forget.

I am so very lucky to get to do what I love each and every day. Life is made of magical moments and I want to capture those for you. I like to keep things simple and easy with my clients. Let’s have fun together!

Things I love:

My kids and husband (and our cats)
Mexican food
Big sunglasses
My Peloton