I met Devon and Dominic a few months ago at their engagement shoot.  They informed me they were not very into PDA and found it a tad hard to kiss each other and be romantic in front of a lot of people.  We broke through those barriers not only at their engagement shoot, but even more at their wedding.  You could see it in their eyes how much they love each other.

It is no secret that Devon is a crier.  Most of her friends and family brought it to my attention throughout the night, but her tears were of pure joy.  She feels hard towards the people she loves and was not afraid to show her emotions that day.  I admire that about Devon. One of her brother was over seas and could not be at the wedding, but he was there via FaceTime throughout the ceremony and even made a special speech at the reception.

Both Dev and Dom are from large families, which made the grand ballroom at the Hamilton Manor the best place for their reception.  Doms brothers had the crowd laughing during the speeches and the dance floor was never not packed.  The happy couple even shared a Mr. Softee ice cream as they made their way over to the after party, also held at the Manor.  Thanks again for a wonderful wedding day.  I wish you both the best and I hope we can capture more memories in the future.

Thanks to my second shooter Mike.

Getting Ready

The Hamilton Manor

The Ceremony

The Reception