Elisa and Ryan, who first met at Rowan University, weathered the challenges of a pandemic that forced them apart for extended periods. However, their love proved unshakable, and their wedding day became a testament to their enduring commitment. Join us as we recount their journey from college sweethearts to newlyweds, celebrated at Elisa’s family church, Rowan University, and Bogey’s Golf Club, all with a special appearance from Roxy, the Dog of Honor.

Their wedding day began at Elisa’s family church, a place filled with deep significance. It was here that they exchanged their vows, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends who had watched their love story unfold over the years. The church provided the perfect backdrop for the start of their lifelong journey together.

After the ceremony, Elisa and Ryan chose to capture their wedding photos at Rowan University, a place close to their hearts. Many members of their bridal party were fellow alumni, making it an ideal location to capture the camaraderie and cherished memories of their college years. These photos are a testament to the enduring friendships that have enriched their lives.

The festivities continued at Bogey’s Golf Club, where Elisa and Ryan celebrated their union with friends and family. The evening was filled with joyous moments, starting with the traditional Filipino money dance, which ignited the dance floor and set the tone for the night. Ryan, along with his dad and bridal party, enjoyed a relaxed moment smoking cigars, creating lasting memories.

Elisa and Ryan’s wedding reception was a night of exuberant dancing and celebrations. Elisa changed into a more comfortable reception dress, allowing her to fully embrace the dance floor with her friends. The energy and laughter on the dance floor was infectious! As they danced the night away, it was clear that their love story was just beginning, promising a lifetime of happiness and togetherness. Here’s to Elisa and Ryan, whose unbreakable bond continues to shine bright, with Roxy forever in their (or maybe just Elisa’s) hearts.