Rebecca and JD win the award for the luckiest couple in VA! Remember that huge storm that cut power to over 3 million people on the east coast a few weeks ago…yup, this wedding still happen the day after, and without a hitch!  I recently relocated to NJ from Norther VA and because of the weather decided to drive down to NOVA Saturday morning and not Friday night.  Once I got to the beltway, I started noticing more and more trees down on the side of the road.  Then, you could hardly see the shoulder with whole trees blocking lanes.  I got off on Rt. 7 in Tysons and noticed not a single store or street light had power for miles.  I then started to get worried, was this wedding even happening?  I tried to use my cell, but had no service, so I decided to keep driving and bam, the first intersection with power was the salon where Rebecca was getting ready.  I also got my cell service back, called the country club and they had power, as did the church.  Wow, lucky, simply lucky. I think that someone up there knew they were to get married that day and made it happen!

Take a look into the wonderful wedding of Rebecca and JD.  May they have many, many, many happy years together.

BTW, JD has some sort of Bieber Fever and I really want Rebecca’s Hair 🙂